Sullivan's Angel

Mr. Sullivan’s Angel

“Sylvia Moss is an extraordinarily gifted healer—a compassionate and deep listener who is also highly intuitive and wise. The quintessential Wise Woman, she is kind and straightforward and approaches things with a gentle sense of humor. During every session, I have always had a powerful and distinct sense that she is not working alone but that a circle of angels, spirit guides, and higher beings are present around the table and assisting in the healing process. I come away from every session with a profound sense of well-being, clarity, centeredness and perspective, as well as with a sense of the Bigger Picture and my place in it.”

—Elizabeth Mailer, author

“Sylvia saved my life after back surgery. Thank you.”                                                                                — Maureen Walsh, Business owner

“After years of crippling arthritic pain, my first session with Sylvia gave me relief from pain and swelling.”

—Lisa DuMont, actor

“Sylvia’s masterful energy work helps me transform my anger and many heartaches into free-flowing and loving energy.”

—Michelle M., student of Brennan Healing Science

“No quote can sum up Sylvia’s extraordinary gift’s as a healer, but I can say that after each session I felt lighter, more grounded and willing to face life’s, joys, sorrows, and mysteries.”

—Willard C., writer and teacher

“Because of my weak condition, our work began over the phone while I rested at home. The energy work was extraordinary and the following morning the pain was finally gone.”

W. Krueger, Feng Shui consultant and sculptor

To Sylvia’s powerful healing craft she brings compassion, imagination, creativity, honesty, openness, clarity, gentleness, strength, wisdom, and of course, a large and loving heart. Her use of sound is extraordinary and indescribable. She is a true healer. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Katherine E. Rabenau, Reiki master