Akashic Record Readings


Introducing Akashic Record Readings:

Live the life you came here to live. 

Experience the joy of being free.

Did you make an unconscious promise?

In a lifetime you don’t remember, to…

  • Refuse to love or be loved because love was so dangerous.
  • Hold on to vows of poverty that still bind you in your present life.
  • Stay unsuccessful to protect someone, now blocking your present day success.
  • Choose a life of chronic illness which still undermines your health today.
  • Endure any stubborn, habitual problem that will not go away, no matter how much healing you’ve done.

You can release 3-5 old, sabotaging promises that are undermining your life today…in just one Akashic reading.

What Happens in an Akashic Reading?

You will receive a reading related to a karmic imbalance, an obstacle from another  incarnation.

After we identify this obstacle we guide you through several gentle clearing and releasing processes. You are then given a channeled healing message of divine love. This process becomes a healing for your soul and your life.

During these sacred readings, your heart slowly opens as you release unhealthy ancient agreements that have been holding you back from love, abundance, joy, and freedom.

Deep within your heart lies the truth of all your lifetimes. An Akashic Record reading is an Essential Healing for an Empowered Life!

    “My Akashic Readings with Sylvia were

      profound and life changing.”

     — Phyllis B

Besides being a BHS practitioner and Vibrational Sound Healer, Sylvia is an accredited Counselor of Light, Akashic Reader. With the support of her spiritual team, the “Family of Light” (Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Masters and divine guides), she offers assistance for your life’s evolution, enhancement of your inner light, and the illumination of your soul’s forgotten journey.

Experience the Joy of Being Free


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