Diamond Portals of Light

A Vibrational Sound Healing System

“The truth is in the body—the truth of history, the truth of the soul.” 

—Dr. John Pierrakos

OLD PARADIGM: Allopathic medicine. The traditional Western approach treats symptoms to “cure” disease. In this paradigm, body parts are generally seen as isolated rather than part of an organic whole. Typically, there is an emphasis on a “quick fix,” rather like putting a Band-Aid over a problem rather than addressing its root cause. The practitioner prescribes treatment based on symptoms and does not necessarily engage the patient in the healing process.

NEW PARADIGM: Holistic healing. Holistic healers work with the whole person, not just the physical body. In this paradigm, we recognize the profound interconnection of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The intention of holistic healing is to address the root cause of a problem to help you return to your natural state of wholeness, balance, and harmony. A holistic healing practitioner works with the body’s innate healing wisdom and encourages the client to be proactive about healing and positive lifestyle changes. By using sound, your healing process is accelerated.

Here are a few of the issues and symptoms that I can help you shift through with the Diamond Portals of Light Healing:


Broken bones
Acid reflux


Grief or deep sadness
Panic attacks

Spiritual / Life Issues

Money problems
Difficulty in relationships
Finding your life purpose
Fear of expressing yourself
Finding your authentic self

Whether you are ready to go to your next level in your life or have serious health issues or just want to feel better than you do, I can help you, either in person or over the phone. Energy knows no boundaries of time or space—I can work with you no matter where you are.

What is energy?

Hermitage Angel

Hermitage Angel

Everything is energy: the sun, the moon, the stars, trees, flowers, animals, furniture, rocks—and of course, YOU. In quantum physics, the energy that surrounds us is called the electromagnetic field. In holistic healing, we call it the energy field or aura. Energy can be defined as the force that infuses the universe with life—the divine spark that runs through everything. This life force energy is what heals us. You could call it God, spirit, the divine mystery, or light. Whatever you call it, none of us would exist without it.

The photograph to the left is an artistic view of energy moving around a body. Here in this instance, a gold leafed sculpture. The gold, in my opinion makes it energetically alive.

What does energy have to do with healing?

The human energy field encompasses more than just your physical body. It includes the four “subtle” bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When stress and trauma create a disturbance in the flow of energy through your subtle energy bodies—particularly in the chakras, your body’s energy centers—it can cause cellular distortions. These distortions, in turn, become underlying weaknesses, imbalances, and blocks that can develop into physical symptoms and dis-ease. Diamond Portals of Light Healing directly addresses the cells and DNA to heal the root cause of your discomfort or illness.

How is it possible to sense an energy field?

Everyone senses energy. It’s the force that attracts you to some people and repels you from others. Some people have the innate ability to “see” energy fields, or auras, with the naked eye, while others perceive them through different senses. Barbara Brennan labeled this heightened ability to sense energy High Sense Perception (HSP). The Brennan School of Healing Science trains healers to use HSP in working with energy fields and chakras, with the intent to help clients release and heal energy imbalances.

Energy Body or Aura

Energy Body or Aura

Photograph of the human energy field,
taken by a Kirlian camera that
specializes in capturing energy

Why would I need energy healing?

Disease typically stems from trauma, negative beliefs, or childhood wounds. Any experience that upsets or hurts you causes an imbalance in your energy field. The longer these experiences stay in your energy field, the more opportunity they have to cause physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual illness. Symptoms generally manifest after years of being energetically out of balance with yourself and your environment. Diamond Portals of Light Healing can get rid of the toxic buildup in your energy field before it manifests in your life—like flossing to get rid of plaque before it creates gum disease.

How does Diamond Portals of Light Healing work?

Energy healing works by healing the wounds that have been festering in your energy field. The LIght transforms the wounds when it comes in contact with them. Just like alchemy transforms one substance into another. Only Diamond Portals of Light is a higher vibration and a finer frequency. For example, it can transmute a toxic emotion to a healthy emotion or a distorted cell to a healthy cell. I am the alchemist who sparks your innate healing wisdom—but it is you that performs the transformation of change. I simply serve as the conduit for your healing to begin by clearing a path for you to repair energy blocks, heal emotional trauma, and ultimately attain health and balance.

What techniques do you use for energy healing?

To some extent, energy healing is an intuitive gift. We all have the ability to connect with and shift energy. I used hands-on energy healing for years before studying it formally at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Today, Brennan Healing Science, including chakra and energy field balancing, forms the foundation of my work. I have also expanded my range of energy techniques to include sound healing, energetic therapy and Akashic Record Reading. My extensive training and experience allows me to call on some or all of these tools in a session, depending on your individual needs. For more in-depth information on healing modalities, please browse the book list on the Resources page.

What are some benefits of Diamond Portals of Light Healing?

Prepare or recover from surgery
Alleviate pain
Heal broken bones
Connect with and release damaging emotions
Heal childhood wounds or trauma
Enjoy more fulfilling relationships
Achieve greater peace of mind
Assist in finding authentic life’s work
Improve ability to meditate

What can I expect from a session?

Most people raised in Western cultures expect instant cures. We want someone to “fix” our symptoms and make us feel better. However, true healing is not about instant results. Although there is certainly a time and place for a quick fix, deep and permanent healing comes from a collaboration between the practitioner and the client. As a healer, I will assist you in your healing by helping your physical and energetic bodies to access the innate healing power that is available to all of us. This process may take time, just as it took time to get where you are today. Many people feel instantly better after a session; conversely, you may briefly feel worse before you feel better, while your energy is rebalancing. It is all part of the deep process that ultimately leads you to greater health and happiness.

Bridge of Light and Transformation

Bridge of Light and Transformation