Sylvia Moss Photography

“Sylvia’s photography is an invitation to explore the inner landscape of the soul.”

— The Rev. Dr. Thomas F. Pike
Former Commissioner of Landmarks for the City of New York
Rector Emeritus of Calvary / St. George’s Church

elsie's angel

elsie’s angel

angel with

angel with cymbal

jeanne d'arc

jeanne d’arc

shaker fence

shaker fence


midsummer’s night

Mr. Sullivan's Angel

mr. sullivan’s angel

Misson Statement

It is my mission to foster awareness that the Earth is our sacred home and our legacy. I have always felt a profound desire to communicate the beauty of the planet as I experience it. Whether my lens chooses a close-up of an exquisite architectural detail or the sweeping grandeur of a Scottish landscape, my purpose is the same: to nourish and restore the spirit by transporting us out of ourselves and into a world apart from our physical existence.

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