Sylvia’s Recommendations

A Few of My Favorite Things

Air and Water Filtration

  • Custom Air and Water from Jim Artress. Cutting-edge products for superior purification. Custom drinking water, clean air, bath and shower filtration equipment, and non-chemical treatment of pools & spas.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Crystal Tones, Largest worldwide manufacturer and distributor of high-quality crystal singing bowls.

Alternative Medicine

  • Naturopathy, homeopathy, radionics, herbs, and more—Dr. Linda Lancaster, New York, NY, 212-265-9176, and Santa Fe, NM,
  • Restorative approach to head, neck, and ear disorders—Dr. Benjamin Asher, New York, NY,
  • Integrative oncology—Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, New York, NY,

Astrology Readings

  • Joan Pancoe, New York, NY, 212-982-6820, Gifted trance channel. One-on-one soul readings, karmic astrology, and psychic therapy.


  • Sylvia Moss, co-author, Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Happy and Wealthy
  • Stanley Keleman, The Body Speaks Itself
  • Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light and Light Emerging
  • Rosalyn Bruyere, Wheels of Light
  • Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh (with Hillary Welles), The Female Power Within, There Is No Prince, and How To Be Cherished
  • Dr. John Pierrakos, Core Energetics
  • Dr. Alexander Lowen, Bioenergetics: Language of the Body
  • Dr. Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine
  • Susan Thesanga, The Undefended Self
  • Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Healing With Sound

Energetic Consulting

Ann Case Bowman, New York, NY, 212-260-4690. Transformational Energetics and Transformational Energetic Arts; individual and group sessions. Add something here about being the last of the originals founders of this work???? Check with Ann!

Findhorn Flower

Findhorn Flower

Essential Oils & Essences

MZ Alchemist Oils. Marie Allison, distributor; please reference Sylvia Moss. “We distribute Mikael Zaya therapeutic grade oils from Quebec.101 blends, 80 single; Archangel and Goddess sets are available.”

Star Essences. Evolutionary, beautiful, and benevolent flower and gemstone essences. Andean orchids and Peruvian flowers in a base of sacred activated healing water. Great for enhancing and balancing mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being.

Feng Shui Consutations

  • R.D. Chin. Feng shui, space alignment, and interior design.

Healthy Lifestyle Products

  • Organic Avenue. Food, fashion, clothing, pharmacy, housewares, beauty, library, and raw food fasts. Denise Mari, owner.
  • Heart of Vermont. Superior organic bedding and sleepwear. “All the products we make are handmade with the purest and best materials available.”
  • • Janice’s. Organic and natural bedding, clothing, personal and home products. Specializing in chemical-free products.
  • • Sandhya’s Ayurvedic Health Food. 100% vegan, raw, organic snacks handmade in accordance with the principles of ayurveda and yoga. Fabulous flax crackers!
  • • East West Living. New York’s largest source for spiritual, holistic health, and metaphysical books and supplies.


• Suzan Postel, New York, NY. One-on-one Pilates tailored to the specific needs of the individual.


• Life Works, New York, NY., Workshops on having a life you want to wake up to every day. Topics include relationships, parents, money, and career. With Marilyn Graman and Maureen Walsh.

• The Summer Intensive with Ann Case Bowman, New York, NY, Every July or August . Call 212-260-4096 for info.
This four-day workshop uses Transformational Energetic Arts to create a space for you to explore your unique process without fear of judgment. Embrace the values of nonviolence, respect, and equality while stimulating your growth through energy flow, group process, and the arts. Past Intensives have included an individual Alchemy Energy Healing session with Sylvia Moss

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  • Hayley Moss.

Writing and Editing

  • Hillary Welles., 505-780-0753. Experienced, intuitive writing and editing help for your book, article, brochure, or website.

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  • Alice De Prisco

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