Scottish Landscape

Scottish Landscape


alchemy. The process of transforming one substance into another or one form into another.

Bioenergetics. A form of psychotherapy that employs specific movements to release emotional energy that is stuck or lodged in the body, usually as a result of trauma. Founded in the mid-1970s by Drs. John Pierrakos and Alexander Lowen. DPL uses Bioenergetic exercises as an adjunct to more subtle energy work, primarily for clients who need grounding or release of anger issues. The intent of the work is to enhance the life force energy and vitality by releasing emotions, as well as to improve posture and attitude toward life.

Brennan Healing Science. A groundbreaking system of healing that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes touching every aspect of life. Based on the living dynamics of the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to the greater world, Brennan Healing Science helps people transform their lives on all levels.

chakras. The body’s energy centers. The seven main chakras are located vertically along the front and back of the body’s centerline. When aligned and healthy, the chakras spin clockwise and carry the vibration of the major colors of the spectrum.

Core Energetics. Core Energetics® is a system of personal growth designed to support individuals in opening to their potential for pleasure, fulfillment, and personal power. Developed by John Pierrakos MD, a psychiatrist and a colleague of Wilhelm Reich, the primary purpose of Core Energetics is to help you release past emotional blocks toward the expression of your truest self—your core.

Diamond Portals Vibrational Healing System (DPH). Transforms pain into comfort, blocked energy into flow, and dis-ease into health. This healing system is the work of healing practitioner Sylvia Moss. DPH awakens the body’s innate healing wisdom using a powerful combination of Brennan Healing Science, Somatic Sound, Chakra Calibration, energy field balancing, Bioenergetics, art and music. The intent of DPH is to open and expand an individual’s connection to the Divine Light, the source of all life, where deep cellular healing stimulates permanent positive transformation.

energy. The force that infuses the universe with life.

energy field. The electromagnetic field that surrounds the body, also known as the aura. A healthy energy field is clear, light, and flows easily. A diseased energy field could be blocked, muddy, low frequency, or have holes. The energy field tends to absorb and hold onto trauma, which can lead to disease. To prevent toxic buildup, it needs to be cleared regularly.

grounding. The process of connecting to earth energy, usually through the root or base chakra. DPL helps to ground clients through the use of many healing techniques, sometimes combined with guided visualizations. Once grounded, clients are more in charge of their thoughts, feelings, bodies, body sensations, and boundaries with others and our environment. Grounding also helps the body to hold the healing and positive energies from a session.

Guidess. A Life Works-trained female coach who employs specific Life Works language and techniques in helping women and men have more of what they want.

laying-on of hands. The act of directing spiritual healing energy from practitioner to client via the hands, with the intent to guide and modulate the energy for the client’s highest good. There are many techniques for laying on of hands; no matter which technique is used, the healer must be grounded, loving, conscious, and ethical.

Life Works. A New York-based organization and community that teaches people how to have the life they want through workshops, gatherings, circles, and one-on-one guiding.

subtle energies. The undercurrent of invisible forces that run beneath our gross, physical energies. Holistic healers work with the subtle energies to identify and correct imbalances affecting the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Subtle energies are found in the chakras, the energy field, and inside the organs. They are intuitive and cannot be identified in MRIs, CAT scans, x-rays, or mammograms.

transformation. The seemingly miraculous moment in healing when negative energy dissolves and the body, mind, and spirit are lifted to a higher place of being; metaphorically similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Transformational Energetics and Transformational Energetic Arts. Deep processing work founded by Ann Case Bowman in 1973. Bowman describes her work as seeking roundness. Through energy flow, group and/or individual sessions, and the arts, a space is created where you can explore your unique process without fear of judgment. The deepest values are nonviolence, respect, and equality.